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Late in the summer of 1958, Earl, Leah and Walter Van Deren concluded their six week search for a new ranch when they were shown the OAR. They bought the ranch from Richard Maw, and in the fall of 1958 moved from Sedona, AZ to Dillon.Walter, Leah and Earl Van Deren, 1959.

In the beginning, the Van Derens sold hay and pasture, saving money until they could afford to again start a cattle herd. In the summer of 1959, they pastured cattle and later that fall, bought those same Angus cattle.

After Earl’s retirement in 1977, the cattle were sold and the Van Derens returned to supplying hay and winter pasture to area ranchers.

Linda and Rob Van Deren, 1999.More recently, in 1999, Linda and Rob Van Deren eloped to California’s Mendicino Coast to be married.

The entire Van Deren family welcomes the opportunity of sharing with you the things that make the OAR special.

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