Trapper Creek Cascade: Melting snow feeds Trapper Creek as it tumbles through the boulders on the way to its confluence with the Big Hole River near Melrose.

Trapper City was the site of the original town location in the Hecla District and the town's population probably never exceeded 200.  Trapper City was abandonded when new mines were started at Lion City.

Glendale was the smelter location for the Hecla Mining Company.  At one time, Glendale's population was 4000, and was much larger than Dillon.  After loosing a fight with Dillon for the county seat, area residents developed a plan to have the territorial capital moved to Glendale.  The silver crash brought much of the town to a halt, as well as Glendale's plans to be the state capital.

Lion Mountain and Lion City is the area where a prospector was frightened by what he thought was a mountain lion, but later turned out to be a grazing white mule.  Copyright 1996.

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