Cabin at Trapper City: Trapper City is the site of the earliest town site in the Hecla mining district when silver was initially discovered there in 1872.

The earliest ore shipments were hauled by ox-team to the Central Pacific RR in Corrine Utah, then by rail to San Francisco, and loaded into boats for shipment to smelters in Swansea, Wales.  Early assays showed 140 ounces of silver per ton ore, and 30-60% lead.  More than $15 million in silver and lead was mined from the Hecla district between 1873 and 1912.

At it's peak, 5000 people lived and worked the areas of  Hecla, Glendale, Vipond, and the Highlands.  Glendale, once a community of 1000, was the site of a 40 ton lead smelter 10 miles down the valley, and was once entered in the race to be the state capital.

Today, only the decaying buildings of a ghost town remain.  Copyright 1996.

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