Wet Spring on the West Bench: An unusually wet and cool June produces the once in a decade spectacle of wild flowers on the usually arid West Bench north of Dillon.

The tall grass in the left fore ground is Needle-and-Thread Grass, aptly names for it's sharp, barbed seed with a long spiralling "thread" attached.

The Prickly Pear Cactus' yellow flowers and the orange flowers of the Scarlet Globemallow rush to flower and produce seed before summer's hot, drying winds arrive to plunder the remaining moisture.

Surrounded by un-irrigated ground, two swathers work on the first of two cuttings of hay on the irrigated alfalfa fields.

The snow capped East Pioneers (center) and the infamous Rattle Snake Ridge (right) are dwarfed by the famous Montana Big Sky.  Copyright 1996.

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