A Unique Working
Cattle Ranch in
Southwest Montana



OAR offers the following custom farming and machine services in Southwest Montana:

Chisel Plowing - Melroe model 505 28 foot plow.
Heavy Disking - Schaffer 18 foot offset tandem disk, 22 inch disks.
Sub-Soil Aeration - Savage 12 foot aerator, 22 inch shanks.
        > > > Ideal for grass and alfalfa hay fields.
Excavator - Drott 50 tracked excavator, 1 1/4 yard bucket.
Auger Truck - Powers Polemaster with 16 inch auger, 36 foot boom.

OAR has selected Steiger Bearcat II and the Steiger built Allis Chalmers 440 tractors as they provide the following benefits:

- 225 horse Caterpillar or Cummins power (Maximum recommended horsepower for a wheel tractor before tracks become more efficient.)
- 4 wheel drive, articulated
- Axle weight of approximately 5 ton
- High flotation, low ground pressure
- Ideal weight distribution and total machine weight

For additional information regarding rates, availability or estimates, please contact Open A Ranch.

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