Headwater HOtrak Links of Interest:


Model Railroad Magazine Database, including many small magazines and books.

FineScale Railroader Online

Where to Buy Homasote

Electronic Circuits for Model Railroading

More Electronic Circuits for Model Railroading

The Usenet News Groups rec.models.railroad FAQ

Yahoo's HOmodules Group

The O-Guage Toy Train Page


Tall Timber, Short Lines Magazine Website

Timer Times Magazine Website

The Station at Summit - The Model Railroad Magic Website is all about fun!!!


Canyon Creek's very impressive (& expensive) Deep Woods Trees.

How to Make Trees For Your Train Layout

Sunlit Vistas offers tree kits and ground cover shipped direct.

Scenic Express also offers tree kits and ground foam.

Bragdonet offers the geodesic foam scenery as seen at the Helena Rail Fair.

Arizona Rock & Mineral offers ballast.

Backdrop Warehouse has continuous scene backdrops up to 100ft.

Woodland Scenics offers trees, kits, ground cover, etc.

Scenery Tips from the award winning Westside Lumber layout.


Union Pacific's Official Site and Cabooses For Sale
  - UP Steam Site and Excursion Schedule and Merchandise
UP Heritage Fleet Info
  Challenger No. 3985
  Steam Locomotive No. 844
  Streamliner Diesels

BNSF's Official Site

Montana Rail Links Corporate Site

A List of Surviving Steam Locomotives in Montana.

Webville & Hypertext RR Co - Online Archives of documents and photos.

Railcams.com WebCams and Links to Others.

University of Washing Libraries, Digital Image Collections
 - Digital Northwest Collections
 - Darius Kinsey Collection

Clubs & Layouts

The Eagle Rock Railroad Historical Society Website.

The Livingston Model Railroad Club Website.

Billlings & Paradise Website.

Hostlers Model Railroad Club Website.

Operate the Interactive Model Railroad in Ulm, Germany over the Internet!

Modular Railroading

  - NMRA Standards & Practices
  - Intro to Module Standards
  - Standard Guage Module Standards
  - Standard Guage Module Recommended Practices
  - Narrow Guage Module Standards
  - Narrow Guage Module Recommended Practices
  - Electrical Standards
  - Electrical Recommended Practices

Boulder Model Railroad Club HO Module Specifications and diagram are designed to allow below the track scenery

Niagra Orleans Model Railroad Engineers Module Standards

Penn State Model Railroad Club Modules

Meade Area Railroad Society Module Standards

Ottawa Valley HOtrak Modules & Standards (Site uses Frames)

The League of Non-Aligned Modelers, aka
The Sipping and Switching Society Modules

St John Society of Model Engineers Module Notes and Photos

Orange County Modular Railroaders Standards

SacCentral Modular Standards and detail for folding legs.

HOtrak Specification Drawings

HOtrak & Freemo Layout Diagram

Scott Osterweil's TimeSaver HO switching layout in 1x6ft.

The N-trak organization also offers the cinch-jones connectors how-to books for sale on their webpage.

Software - Design

Sandia Softwares CADrail.

Abracadata's 3D Design & Concept

El Dorado Softwares 3rdPlanIt

Sillub's XTrkCAD

R & S Enterprises RR-Track

Atlas Right Track Freeware.

WinRail Layout Design Software

Martin Wynne's Templot

Steven DePalma's DPSRail

K.I.S.S. Method Track Planning Tools

Local Interest

BeaverheadRiver dot Com, featuring news, sports, weather and local businesses across Southwestern Montana.